Helpful tips to protect your Website from Google penalty

Imagine how frustrating it could be for you to open your Google analytics dashboard just to find the site traffic is a flat line. In this fast-paced digital era, when every business is trying hard to push themselves ahead of their rivals, it is common to see a drop in traffic, especially if you don’t follow Google algorithms. It usually happens when the search engine giant slaps your site with a penalty. Google penalty will badly affect your traffic. If you think that Google penalizes only when there is a new algorithm update, you are wrong! There are so many sites that face penalties even when there is no change in algorithm. That’s because the follow spammy practices like using plagiarised contents, buying backlinks, stuffing too many keywords, scrapping content etc. it is the worst nightmare of every online business, but Google penalties can be avoided by following some good practices. Here are some simple yet effective tips from SEO experts Sydney to protect your site from Google penalty

Don’t buy or sell links:

While it is always simple and easy to buy links from other sites that are targeting your site, it can drastically affect your ranking when Google comes up with an update. Google works with some smart strategies and can easily find out between genuine and purchased links. Moreover, buying and selling backlinks does not add value to your contents as they are mostly unrelated and not even gain many clicks.

Never use duplicate or low-quality content:

Google shows no mercy to websites that have duplicate or low content. Your site content will be marked as low quality if you are using plagiarized and automatically generated contents. By doing so, you may end up with heavy penalties in terms of traffic the site could have generated organically. For better ranking, and to avoid penalty never attempt to copy contents. Get better unique contents for your website. If you are not trained at writing contents, you can take the help of professionals who offer affordable SEO services to write better, unique, and engaging contents.

Keep an eye on guest blogging:

Guest blogging is one of the popular practices among SEO experts for internal linking purpose. The problem here is similar to buying and selling links. If you want to protect your website from penalties, you should be sure to check where you are posting your blogs and find only quality sites to guest post.

Facing a Google penalty is always scary, but you don’t have to live with the fear. Build your site with honest practices and hire reputed SEO Company Sydney that can easily re-evaluate your website and keep these common issues at bay.

The author is a blogger who owns SEO Company Sydney. With a team of professionals, he offers SEO services in Sydney. He goes extra miles to spot and implement new strategies which help propel his clients’ businesses online. Visit for details.

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