Helicopter Tours: Here’s Some Advice for the First- Timers


Helicopter tours set the thrill of exploring a city apart, least like a mundane adventure of traveling through the city. The aerial view of a nation like Nepal, where most of the landscape is covered with mountains, forests, and rivers, is something you would want to experience at least once. The opportunity it gives to the travelers is filled with the thrill of a lifetime. Flying above the mainland of Kathmandu, Pokhara, and even some of the highest peaks in the world are bliss no tourist would want to miss. However, while it is exciting to watch people approaching the helicopter, managing the tour is quite daunting for the beginners. Therefore, given below are some essential pieces of advice for the first-timers to mitigate their nervous jitters and help them prepare helicopter tour packages in Nepal.

Choose the Right Helicopter

Unlike a regular trip to the different states and cities of Nepal via road, it will take the traveler from above the cities. So, to have a grand view of the canvas from the sky, they should book an on-air tour, while making sure which way their seat faces. One with all the seats facing forward is construed the best as it allows everyone to enjoy the magnificence of the view equally. Such forward-facing seats are also preferable for people who struggle with motion-sickness at height. They can simply sit back and enjoy the ride with no hustle.

Dress Appropriately

Though whatever a person on ride wears is acceptable, there are some safety considerations to meet. The safety should be kept at the forefront of the mind when choosing an outfit for the Nepal helicopter tour. Besides being stylish, it is essential to be comfortable and safe. Hats and scarfs are strictly prohibited for it can cause chaos while in the air. Also, open hair and heels are not recommended.

Know the Seating Arrangement

If couples are on this journey, they seek to sit together on the helicopter as well. While the operating agency will consider their preference, they should know that maintaining a balance will remain the agent’s foremost priority.

Get a Perfect Shot

Having spent so much for a helicopter ride, people expect to capture every spec of the panorama they view from the sky. That’s why the cameras are allowed on the flight, encouraging people to snap away as they fly above the grasslands of Pokhara, bustled city of Kathmandu, Chitwan National Park, and the Himalayas.

Go with the Flow

As experienced travel operators plan this tour, one can expect a seamless experience throughout. Yes, there will be a rush and fear before hopping on the helicopter, but that will only last until you find yourself engrossed in the spectacular eagle’s eye view of Nepal. All security measures will be taken by the crew, so you don’t have to panic.

The first-timers on helicopter tours are bound to many questions, which must be answered before they kick-start the journey. According to the experts, the foregoing pieces of advice are enough to prep a tourist for an unforgettable aerial journey in Nepal, so they can go through them and fly high with no fear along.




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