Health screening every Woman should know

Every woman should make time for regular health management, including, stress management, exercise, and choosing the right food for them. Scheduling health check-up or screening is also essential for detecting potential problems at an early stage for making treatment more accessible. Regular testing can also save your life. Even if you are healthy, you should visit your health care provider from time to time to:

• Asses risk for any potential medical problems

• Screen for medical issues

• Update vaccination

• Encourage a healthy lifestyle

Even if you feel completely fine, you should visit Bowral doctors for regular check-ups. So, what screenings should you be getting? Here are some essential tests

Blood Pressure Screening:

Have your blood pressure checked at least once in two years. If your blood pressure is below or about 120/80 mm/hg the ideal reading, you should schedule an appointment with your doctor. If you suffer from conditions like kidney problems, heart disease, or other chronic disorders, you should get your blood pressure checked frequently.

Cholesterol Screening:

Cholesterol screening is performed to assess your risk of developing stroke or heart disease. Cholesterol screening is recommended for women aged 20 to 45. Again, if you have heart disease, diabetic, or stroke, you should be monitored more closely.

Pap smear:

Starting at the age of 21, and until 65, women should have a pap smear test every three years. The dentist will take cells from your cervices and examine for changes that may lead to cervical cancer. You can have the test every five years after 30 years along with a screen for HPV, which is an STD that can lead to cervical cancer.


Women can perform self-breast exams every month, but experts do not agree with this. You should get checked by doctors at Bowral community health centre for better exams to screen breast cancer and saving life. It is recommended to start screening at the age of 50, and women should have a mammogram once every two years. Besides, if you have a family history of breast cancer or other concerns, you should discuss it with the doctor.

Bone Density Screening:

Women should get screening for osteoporosis at the age of 65. However, those with a risk of osteoporosis, such as low body weight or fractures, should be screened earlier. DEXA scan will be performed to capture images of your bones. The frequency of this screening depends on your bone density and other risk factors, if any.

As these tests are considered preventive, they are vital for your health. Talk with your provider for Bowral medical imaging or other procedures if you have any concerns.

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