Hairstyles to Try While Working From Home

So you’re working from home? As with all new adjustments, your mind is probably whirling about what the modern vibe will be like and what tasks you’ll be handling. It’s easy to forget about your hair with a few changes and just throw it into a messy bun. Working from home definitely brings on some casual work hair vibes. Here, the top-rated hair stylists in Albuquerque have coved some of the all-time favorite work hairstyles for women to show off on their next video call. With these hairstyles, you can quickly transform your limp, frizzy, or bedhead hair into a non-basic beauty look in just a few simple steps. Also, with these work-from-home hairstyles, you can pull off in 5 mins or less.

Middle Parted BunThis chic bun is the cutest way to style your hair with a fun, posh attitude while staying 100 percent office appropriate.

-Natural Afro

If you’re working from home, don’t worry about tight hairstyles; let your kinky curls shine!

-Loose Waves

Are you into minimal-effort work hairstyles? Then try out these loose waves at the best hair salon in Albuquerque!

-Low Loose Bun

This super low loose bun is just messy enough to show your laid back spirit but chic enough to let them know you mean business and aren’t afraid to pull your hair back and dig into whatever is thrown your way.

-Braided Headband

Whether you have short hair or long hair, a braided headband can be just the right natural accessory to liven up your home office-ready look.

-Folded Braid Bun

Buns are great and all, but don’t you ever want to spruce it up a bit? Now you can by simply braiding your ponytail and wrapping it around itself.

-Long Side Braid

Embrace mermaid vibes with a business twist by sweeping your long locks around to one side and braiding them into a traditional or fishtail braid.

-Half-Up Bow Bun

This version of the traditionally younger accessory will lend to a more mature, put-together look.

-Double Knot Half Up-Do

Without a doubt, this is one of your new go-to work hairstyles when working from home.

-Bob Updo

This style adds just enough relaxed feminine flair to a predominantly formal look. You can achieve a lot with the short locks associated with this type of cut.

-Zig-Zag Part

To create a more mature version of the look, keep your zigzag a little wider than the traditional tight look.

-Braided Pony

Whether you choose for fishtail, traditional, or a mixture of interwoven braids, you’re sure to rock these adorable work hairstyles.

Final Words

Video calls have increased tenfold since the lockdown, and while you can get away with wearing your comfy pajamas during the call, your face and hair need to look presentable. Try these hairstyles of hair and makeup artist in Albuquerque, and get the look you expect.

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