Habits That Can Harm Your Teeth

Let’s admit it; we all have certain habits that are so hard to break. But, perhaps you may not know that it could have an impact on your oral health. Yes, even though it is not a bad habit, it still negatively affects your teeth and gums. Here is a list of habits that can harm your teeth as suggested by the dentist Balmain:-

Snacking all-day

This is a bad habit that many are guilty of and in fact, there are serial snackers out there. You are busy all day trying to get all the errands for the day. Instead of sitting down and having a proper meal each day, you end up snacking all day. Anything with sugar can cause tooth decay. It is much better for both your oral and overall health of you eat healthy three meals a day. If you are desperate for a quick bite between meals, take fruits and salads.

Grinding and clenching

Grinding and clenching can chip or crack your teeth, cause muscle tenderness, and joint pain. You can also experience a painful sensation when chewing or opening your mouth. A mouthguard can help protect you from teeth grinding while you sleep. It will reduce pain and give you better sleep. If you are grinding or clenching unknowingly speak to your emergency dentist Balmain.

Chewing ice cubes

When you chew on ice cubes often, you are putting the teeth at risk of cracking or chipping against the ice’s exterior. It can irritate the gums tissues around the teeth that affect your oral health.

Coffee addiction

If you are a regular coffee drinker, the colour and acidity can cause your teeth to stain. Try to add cream to your coffee and limit the intake to balance out the affect it can have on your oral health.

Using tooth as tool

Many of us use our tooth as a tool to open bottles, hold items, cut through the thread or a pack and other functions can put you at risk of broken or chipped teeth or even jaw injuries. Never use your teeth to open packages or hold items. Look for the scissors and open it so that you can save yourself from potentially costly and painful dental complications.

Ignoring dental check-ups

The dentist at the dental clinic Balmain will be able to tell how often you should visit them. Usually, it is good to visit your dentist every six months for professional cleanings and check-ups.

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