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Gym Membership Fitness Clubs Script is a  software application  where you  collect large number of members  and directly store it in database.that  can be accessed  easyily  by the admin  in real-time without an service intermediary.  

The process of storing member’s details including health and medical status, payment records, exercise routines, etc can be easily done by our Gym Membership Fitness Clubs Script , who have taken admission to the gym. The evolution of the Internet has made people search for a digital system they  can manage their gym functions day to day  and when needed. member’s details can  easily stored.

Gym Software of Features:

1.    Admin and Users Login system.

2.    view members , new members ,update members with details, delete members details for admin

3.    can get total numbers of gym members at each branch.

4.    gym members payment details.

5.    gym member joining date and daily plan.

The purchase  Gym Membership Fitness Clubs Script  provides  gym prospects members and  self-register to your gym   with a secured online access , their information managed,effectively  done payment methods. The online payment methid is risk free and has high security.proof of payment is sended to mail immediatetly.our support team will give you good database  which is secured ene to end portal.


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