Grand Champion Pitmaster Secrets

There’s a lot more to BBQ than just putting a piece of meat on the grill. You will need to stick to certain techniques and basic guidelines for them to come out tasty, juicy and enticing to the eye.

The author of this book reveals the techniques and secrets of barbeque. The Competition BBQ Secrets brings another level of barbequing you didn’t know before.

This a – z bbq book covers everything from starting the fire to the kind of cooker to use


About The Author

The author is an 8X Grand Champion Pitmaster by the name of Bill Anderson. Him and his team have won many barbequing competitions throughout the years. All of the experience and knowledge that they have aquired is in this.

The book has been written in a way that is easy to understand where you will be BBQing like a pro in no time. For more information :


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