Good reasons why Businesses should install Building Automation Control System

The benefits of automation are inarguable. In this modern era, almost anything can be automated. Social media posts can be scheduled, emails can be sent, security systems can be set, lighting can be turned on and off, heating can be adjusted, all with the touch of a finger on your mobile devices. The simplicity and ability to boost your productivity is already a significant benefit. However, building automation has taken the benefit to a whole new level. With the ability to control your property from anywhere to save on utility bills and intelligently adjust building components, building automation is a no-brainer. Here are some good reasons why businesses should install building automation control systems.

Improved Energy Management:

The most significant benefit of building automation control system is energy management. Automation gives you a way to control cooling and heating and manage energy usage inside your building. Lighting and HPAC tend to be your biggest energy offenders as they use the most energy and therefore cost you. However, with smart buildings, you can control your building and adjust as required. You can also set schedules to make sure you use less energy when there is no one around.

Less impact on the environment:

By reducing the amount of energy you use regularly, you can decrease any negative impact you can potentially impose on the environment. Building automation not only helps you save on your energy bills, but you can also have your system connected to plumbing to minimise water usage. Better efficiency and less waste equate to a reduction of your environmental impact.

Control your building from anywhere:

You now have 24/7 remote access to all the systems in your building with the rise of wireless technology. You can control your system from any device connected to the internet. This is one awesome benefit if your employees come in during off-hours. You can simply sign in and adjust the settings to make sure your employees do their job comfortably and safely.

Better security:

When connected to the security systems, building automation can increase your security. You have access to CCTV so you can monitor everything within the building. You can also program door locks at a specific time. If your workers want to get in, they can do so via a pin pad or key card. If something goes wrong, you will immediately get an alert, which can be sent to the next person in command if you don’t address it within a specific time frame.


Finally, smart buildings can provide you with peace of mind. When you know what is happening from anywhere and receive alerts when something goes wrong, you can have a piece of mind. Moreover, if maintenance is needed, you will find it early enough and get the maintenance done by professionals before it becomes an issue, saving you money.

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