Global Demand of Recycled Metal Market to hit $85 Billion by 2025

According to the report published by Global Market Insights, INC, it is predicted that there will be a huge demand for metal. This demand has risen due to the robust growth in transportation, electrical and electronic industries around the world, especially in the United States. So the Recycled Metal Market will be set to expand from USD 64 million in 2018 to around USD 85 billion by 2025.

Growth of Metal Demand:

The rise in demand for Recycled metal, especially steel, aluminum, copper and iron is due to the rapid growth of the construction industry in the Asia Pacific and the Middle East regions. The Mining of Iron ore deeply affects the environment as it generates Carbon dioxide and other harmful pollutants. Making metals using Metal Scrap could be an economic saving to the manufacturing process.

Lack of Recycling Process

The report also stated that the sectors are still in a scarcity of highly skilled recycling processes that could produce metal from the scrap. This will cause a huge impact on recycled metal market growth.


Will India play a Major Role?

It is expected that the Indian Automotive Industry would be of worth more than USD 280 Billion by 2025. So this is expected to boost the recycled metal market size to a greater extent. This can happen only if the flow of metals is organized and proper scrap collections are formed within the country. The usage of metal scrap within the country would boost up the business for scrap metal dealers.

Management of Metal Scrap generator

The focus on making metal from Metal scrap can compensate the upcoming demand for metal. The organized way of collecting the Metal Scrap within the country will make up the country to use its own metal scrap. Otherwise, this will lead to the import of metal scrap from other countries.

Economic Advantage of Using Metal Scrap:

The production of Metal from Metal Scrap is much cheaper when compared to metal mining. The more scrap material that we recycle, would generate more job opportunities in accordance with the demands put upon the recycling industry. The recycling of scrap metal within the country would reduce the cost of importation. Instead of moving the scrap to landfill, it is converted into a useful product by the process of recycling. Also, this method will limit the usage of resources.

Scrap Metal – Treasurable Resource:

Scrap metal is a precious resource that will never get depleted. The good quality of metal will be produced through recycling. The upcoming demand for Metal can be fulfilled by processing the scrap metal. The country with insufficient metal scrap would depend on the metal scrap exporters in Australia and on other countries

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