Give Your Hairstyle a Winter Refresh


Winter is fast approaching and you may be feeling that inexplicable itch to go for a drastic change. But, if you are confused whether to go with a chin-length bob or something you can still pull into a low bun. Here, we’ve listed a few winter haircut trends that you must be aware of before racing to see your hair stylists in Albuquerque.

Mid-Length Lob

Mid-length lob with face framing layers is not too long or short and falls just below your collarbones. A leading hair salon in Albuquerque reports that this hairstyle with purposefully shorter pieces falling around the jawline has become popular. The face framing layers add subtle body and dimension around your face. This haircut is ideal during winter, especially when it’s harder to air dry.

Middle Length with Curtain Fringe

Your hair is long and you are not planning to get a short haircut, this hairstyle is a great option. For this hairstyle, French traditional short bangs is a bit outdated, so avoid shortening them.

Layered Long Hair

You can simply layer your hair and add some waves to each layer, if you have long hair and don’t want to let it go. This gives your hair a lively dynamic look and you remain stylish keeping your hair uncut.

Flaunt Your Natural Curl

Do you have curly hair? Then, flaunt it by pumping up the volume with big, natural curls. Some of the best hair salons in Albuquerque carries quality hair products that help amp up your natural curly hair.

Short Crop Pixie Cut

Did you know even a short crop pixie can be worn many ways for day-to-day variety? Getting shorter haircut allows you to wear statement earrings and make some bold makeup choices.

Slicked Back Bob

If you are looking for another way to style your hair other than layers and curls, then choose slicked back bob style. It has become a popular style in the recent days on every winter hair trend list. This hairstyle is simple to recreate and you will look cool and edgy.

Body Waves with a Deep Side Part

Are you still wearing your hair in a middle part? Then, it’s time to make a change! Switch it up and hop on a deep side part, a winter’s hair trend. This style keeps your hair from falling flat and provides it an instant depth and dimension.

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