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If you enjoy the pleasant flavor and mild vapors of a quality cigar, you aren’t alone. Though each has different tastes, if you enjoy good tobacco and your tastes lead you in favor of darker, heavier blends, you can still understand someone’s penchant for light, peppery tobacco just the same. It is one of the finest indulgences in the world.

Do you know what can quickly ruin an otherwise stellar cigar? If you thought a brisk wind that eliminated your smoke wreath, you’re not wrong. If you’re thinking about a bad cut or punch that ruined the draw of the cigar, you’re still not wrong. Do you know what’s even worse than both of these? Tobacco that hasn’t been kept conditioned properly. The chiefest factor to consider when storing and caring for your cigars without comparison is the humidity at which they are stored. If you purchase cigars and intend to hold onto them for any longer than one day before smoking them, then you absolutely need to invest in a humidor to keep them well cared for. While humidity control is one of the most important factors that can affect the quality of smoke or the longevity of a cigar, it’s also one of the easiest to account for. There, at least, is some good news.

It is critical to maintaining an environment for your fine tobaccos and for cigar storage where they can be kept at a constant humidity of around 70%. You may find through experimentation or trial that some cigars or different types of tobacco can be stored at slightly lower or higher levels, but 70% is generally a good place to start. Most tobaccos can be stored at that humidity level for a relatively extended period of time without a loss of flavor or adverse effects on their construction.

Those things, in and of themselves are cause for concern. A cigar that has been treated properly and stored at the right humidity will begin to crumble and crack and will become unsmokable. The wrapper will crack and separate and attempting to punch or cut one will become an exercise in utter aggravation. It will be very difficult to light and additionally, a dry cigar will probably burn unevenly.

Things will only get worse if you actually go get a dried out cigar to hold a satisfactory light. A dry cigar’s flavor will be all but unrecognizable and the smoke will be bitter, hot, and dry. It will not be soothing and replete with the flavors that you might have previously experienced. A dry cigar is one of the least tasteful of all experiences if you do ever have the misfortune to smoke one. The smoke, instead of pleasing and fulfilling, will parch you and burn most unpleasantly.

Even after a cigar has been dried out, restoring it to a proper level of humidity will not fully restore it. It’s better to allow old cigars to reabsorb moisture before smoking, but they’ll never regain their original potential. Luckily, this is a situation that can be very easily circumvented.

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