Get your bad posture fixed by our posture screening analysis

A bad posture is a major problem in today’s world as it can lead to several complications in our spinal cord. School children are affected in major way due to them carrying school bags which are very heavy.By taking part in our posture screening analysis ,we help individuals identify their problems and fix bad posture which impacts their lives . Our evaluation covers all the views such as posterior and anterior so as to asses the problem in your posture.Due to people having busy lifestyle ,they cannot give importance to posture and how it can affect their health . We examine all the muscles and other tender areas to find out which areas are affected .You come to know about the stress points and how spinal misalignment damage the body.In a quick time you can diagnose your problem and know what solutions to take to solve it .

 Features of our posture screening :

Side tracking

Our four sidetracking process completely covers all angles which helps to analyse your body.

Our precise scanning

Our precise scanning done by our experts gives you detailed report of the problems that you are facing in your body.The report helps you to identify the problem with your posture .

Identifying misalignment in your body

By know the misalignment in your spinal cord and other regions ,you can rectify your bad posture so it can lead to a healthy lifestyle.

 Our posture evaluation process :

At our 12,000 sqft  center we offer a wide range of physiotheraphy services. Our posture evaluation screening offers advanced assessments to identify the problems in your body and gives solutions for it .The posture screening analysis is free so that everyone can benefit from it and make changes to their lifestyle to improve their health . People who are working in the tech industry ,athletes and many others can benefit from our process.

 Instantly screen your posture :

Improve your energy level , manage your back problem from this advanced assessment . Improve your blood circulation and get the benefits of good digestion by improving your posture. Having a good posture can relieve you of  temporomandibular joint pain.

 About us :

Our assessment is completely computer aided  so that you can benefit from our analysis. We at Aiwo through our posture evaluation screening help people in improving their posture in order to live a healthy lifestyle .Our detailed report helps people  to know about the displacements in their posture.

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Country : India


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