Get Rid of Stains in Tile Floor with the Best Cleaning Company

Keep your tiled floors in top shape with the help of the best cleaning company to have a maintained place. Tiles are generally pretty stain resistant, but things like blood, gum, grease, ink, and coffee can leave permanent marks. Ugh, stains. They’re the worst, right? Cleaning the floor is never fun; it sometimes life presents us with challenges. No matter how hard you scrub, the stains won’t come out. But fortunately, some types of flooring make the job much less of a chore. There are a lot of ways to remove stains from tiles, but to get rid of it in the proper way without affecting its lifespan, you should hire the right cleaning company for commercial cleaning. They will keep your office floor shiny and new.

How The Professional Will Get Rid of the Stains Sooner?

The professional will have proper tools and products to remove the stains easily and effectively. They will also undergo tanning for cleaning the floor and make it shine like before. So, to remove stubborn stains from your office tile, it’s a good idea to hire the professionals for commercial cleaning services. In fact, it is one of the conventional methods you use to clean your floors. Their tools, products, and techniques do the trick, and fix the look of your office tiles.

Before starting cleaning your office, the professionals will first check the type of stain and then make sure that the product they are using is effective and is safe for your floors. For all cleaning, the professionals will first wash the area thoroughly, using hot water and use usual cleaning product. Then based on the stains the floor has, the professionals will proceed accordingly.

Types of Stains and Cleaning Techniques

1. Gum, Tar or Wax Stains

For this type of stain, the professionals will apply bagged ice cubes or an ice pack to the stain area. Once the staining substance is cold and has solidified, they will use blunt-edge wooden craft stick or silicone-tipped stick to remove as much of the substance as you can. Finally, wipe with paint thinner, and rinse with water and dry.

2. Ink Stains or Permanent Marker Stains

To get rid of this type of stain, it comes with totally three methods.

1. Diluted Bleach

2. Peroxide and Oxygen Cleaner

3. Dry Eraser

The professionals will check with the method, and choose the right one that suits for your floor. In addition, they also use some techniques to get rid of without any damages to the floor.

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