Fun Ways to Spend Quality Time At Home with Your Children

Due to the threat of the community spread of coronavirus, most schools and business have been closed. This has put many parents in worry about how they will survive the quarantine time at home with the kids. Don’t worry, it is the time to relish with your kids. Here are a few simple and fun tips from the experts at Childcare Manly, to pass the time with your kids at home –

Build a Fort

If you have any extra boxes from the Amazon packages lying around, then encourage your kids to build a fort with it. Ask them to get creative and decorate the fort with paint, crayons or anything that is available at home. If you don’t have the boxes, don’t worry, you can bring the chairs closer and spread a sheet over it, making it appear like a fort.

Read a Story Book

The teachers at preschool Manly recommend making this a routine. Reading is a great way to develop your toddler’s phonics skills and the best way to spend some quality time together. If your child could read, give some reading exercises, and correct them with pronunciations and make them understand the concept of the story.

Make Use of Technology

Though it is important to limit your kid’s screen activity, don’t forget that there are several educational apps and videos, which are a great way to complement your toddler’s curriculum, and engage your child actively.

Take a Virtual Tour

Since the zoo, playground and parks are closed. There are many national parks across the globe that offers a virtual tour. You can look out for those virtual tours online, and make your child visit them virtually.

Try Science Experiments

Allow your kids to focus on crafts, fun activities like DIY science experiments, educational videos etc. Don’t be so hard on them, intervene whenever they need your help.

Family Games

There are a lot of games which you can play as a family. The board games, hide and seek, or anything that will bring you close together as a family. You can even include video games to your list, but if you are very concerned about your kid spending more time on screen, you can exclude this out of your list. The experts at kindergarten Manly state that, when you play together as a family, you are sure to improve your bonding with the kids.

Watch a movie together

You can make some popcorn and sit in for a good family movie. With so many options like – Netflix, Disney Plus you probably won’t watch the same move twice. These apps have a good collection of family movies, which your whole family will love for sure.

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