Fun Activities for Preschools in Winter


Winter is fast approaching, and it’s essential to plan some winter-related activities for the children in your infant care in Renton. Children in preschool are at the age where they begin to understand snowfall and why water turns into ice. So, here we’ve listed a few fun activities for toddler day care in Renton that help your kid understand the wonders of winter.

Peppermint Water Experiment

Peppermint water science experiment is an ideal way for kids to learn the basics of science. For this activity, fill a large tub with water and place a candy cane shaped decoration, different kinds of peppermint candies, and squeeze bottles with red and white water. When the candy dissolves in water, children will use their senses to make observations about the peppermint candy.

Counting Snowballs

Number games are always a great way to help your kids recognize and remember numbers and counting. Use cotton balls for snowballs and lay out the pieces on the construction paper written with numbers from one to ten. On each piece of the construction paper, the children must place the correct amount of snowballs. It is also a great activity for eye-hand co-ordination.

Melting Snowman

Melting snowman is the one activity that children will love to make and play. This activity allows children to draw a snowman face on plastic bottles and fill them with snow. And, let the children watch how long it takes the snow to melt. If you are not living in an area where you don’t get a lot of snow, fill the bottle with water and put it in the freezer overnight. The next morning, set the snowman bottles and ask them to watch how long it takes to melt.

Snow Globe Sensory Bin

During the snow globe sensory bin, children can make snow globes. Glue small plastic figurines inside a small glass or plastic jars and fill a bin with fake snow and have kids fill the jars with the snow. This play will be a great hit among the kids in a preschool near Renton as they love scooping, digging, and playing with the snow as they create their very own snow globes

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