Fresh Flowers for Your Fairy-tale Winter Wedding

There is always something to be said about winter weddings! From the white snow to chilly weather, winter adds a magical touch to everything. It’s undeniable that it is one of the most romantic seasons of the year and a great time to plan your wedding. But how can you make your wedding a winter wonderland? Here our florist in Charlottesville VA lists fresh and enchanting wedding flowers to create the fairy tale wedding that you’ve always dreamt of.


Artichokes are flower buds that have become increasingly popular as wedding flowers. They add a unique touch to your winter wedding design.

Lotus Pod

The lotus pod works a stunning addition to your winter wedding floral arrangements, especially centerpieces. It looks natural and adds texture, and stands out when accompanied with earthy tones.


These flowers come in different hues and have delicate petals that add a soft touch to your wedding bouquet. You can use white ranunculus to complement the cool tones of your winter wedding floral arrangement. Talk to the best florist in Charlottesville VA, to source the best flowers and create a stunning design that attracts your guests.

Dusty Miller

Being one of the most popular types of greenery, Dusty Miller gives out the most wintry vibe and looks best when paired with pastel colors. The velvety texture and frosted foliage make it a perfect addition to winter wedding bouquets.


These flowers come in a wide array of colors. Deep red and snowy white dahlias can be used to make a floral design representative of the colder months. They have elongated petals and bloom into a star shape and make an eye-catching focus to your bouquet.


Chrysanthemums are available in different colors and express joy and beauty. Adding white chrysanthemums to your wedding floral arrangement mirrors a blanket of fresh snow. These unique blooms are versatile and can be used in different ways to add charm and elegance.


There are different types of hydrangeas, and the most popular among them is the mophead hydrangea. These flowers are well-known for their large and lush flower heads and perfectly blend with your winter theme. They are available in beautiful shades of white, purple, green and pink.


Though tulips are considered to be associated with spring, they can also be used for your winter wedding. Their season starts around November and carries through May. They come in a variety of colors and can be used to create different styles of winter wedding bouquets and floral arrangements.

Star of Bethlehem

Star of Bethlehem is a striking flower that is available throughout the winter. The star-shaped blooms come in white clusters. They are often used to fill out bouquets and make an eye-catching addition to your winter wedding.

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