Frequently Asked Questions with Answers about Lift Emergency Phone


Installing lift emergency phone is one of the essential safety options for the persons who use the lift. The NBN lift phone solution is one of the lift’s safety systems that allow the trapped passengers inside the lift to call for help. So it is essential that the lift phone NBN must be operational at all times, even in a power outage. Here, we have mentioned some frequently asked questions about lift emergency phone.

Why do I need to engage a lift company for these works?

Due to the importance of the emergency telephone to the lift’s safety system, it must be installed correctly, and its operation regularly tested. It must meet the Australian Standard for lift telephones and be provided with battery backup.

As the emergency telephone is connected to the alarm buttons in the lift car and to ensure the installation enables ongoing testing and maintenance the gateway should be installed by a lift company.

What happens if I don’t upgrade my emergency telephone?

In most cases, if the emergency telephone is not upgraded, the lift telephone will continue to work under normal conditions (though it won’t automatically be moved over to the NBN network, and will be disconnected 18 months after the NBN network becomes available to your building). However, in the event of a power failure in your building or anywhere along the supply route for the telephone line, the lift emergency telephone may not work and any passengers trapped inside the lift may not be able to call for help.

Can I use one device to connect multiple lifts or other pieces of equipment like my alarm?

The lift industry standard is for all lifts to have their own dedicated gateway. Therefore, it is not recommended to install one gateway for multiple lifts or to connect other equipment to the same gateway. The gateway must be dedicated for the lift only.

Why can’t I just connect a battery backup to the equipment in my building?

Connecting a battery backup to the equipment inside your building will only protect the line from a power outage related to the building. If there is a power outage anywhere along the supply route for the telephone line the telephone may not work, and you may not know about it. If you’re looking to install lift phone NBN, you can contact Think Pickle. We are here to help you with the NBN lift phone solution. Visit

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