Five Questions to Ask a Home Builder before Hiring Them

Building your dream home from scratch is an exciting and stressful process as it is one of the largest investments that you’ll make in your life. It’s quite natural that you want to find the right fit for your custom home project. However, when you are planning to build a new home, there are many decisions to make, and hiring the builder is one of them. Shopping for a builder is a daunting process as there are many house builders in Sydney.

One of the best ways to navigate through the process is to equip you with a list of questions. Yes, asking these questions can help you extract the information you needed to make the informed decision when selecting your home builder.

So, what should you ask the builders in Sydney? Take a look at these questions:-

1) How long have you been into the business and how many homes haveyou built in the last five years?

Knowing how many years a builder is into the industry is essential. Also, collect their current and relevant experience. In fact, the experience of the builder is a significant factor you need to consider when you are searching for a builder. A Building contractor maybe into the industry for 5-10yearsbut they may have very little experience. That’s why it is essential to gather information on the recent project the builder has done.

2) Are you a licensed and insured builder?

Building a new custom home is your biggest investment. So, why would you want to put yourself at risk by hiring someone who is not licensed in the hope of saving a few dollars? Working with an unlicensed builder can give you unexpected surprises in the middle of the project. Protect your investment and check whether the builder you are planning to hire is licensed, insured, and registered. Without insurance, you could be at risk of time delays, costly disputes, and not to mention the legal issues. A good builder will show their license, insurance certificate, and other documents.

3) Would I be able to take a look at your previous work?

Checking the builders’ portfolio is extremely importantas it will help you make aninformed decision based on the prior experiences of the builder. Seeing a completed home by yourself will help you align your expectations.

4) Who will supervise every day?

It is another important question you need to ask when you are looking for new home builders in Sydney. Not only you’ll need a complete understanding of the tasks that are to be completed, but also you need to know who will be in charge during the construction. This will give you peace of mind knowing that there will be minimal risk and mistakes.

5) Do you offer a guarantee of your work?

Besides the standard home warranty required by the home building code, most builders will offer 1-year warranty. However, it is good to know how they handle items that fall within the home warranty and how they will help you fix it.

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