Fitness Studio in Kirkland, WA Opens Its Doors In New Normal

The fitness industry was hit hard when gyms were forced to shut down its operations during the global pandemic outbreak to prevent the infection. Gym machines like treadmills and weights in the gym are constantly touched by so many people who regularly visit the place. These people are also constantly touching their faces, wiping face towels and water bottles which can increase the risk of the spread of the coronavirus. As much as they may want to keep their fitness gyms open, the gym administration cannot keep up with sanitizing or disinfecting all surfaces. 

Fitness trainers decided to find ways to continue the fitness regime by going online. Some gyms and fitness studios experimented with a few months of free online training, to allow people to warm up to the idea, before moving online coaching. Virtual group classes and live sessions are the new normal to staying fit.

Some people have opted for home workouts which they seem to enjoy. Home workouts have given fitness enthusiasts the freedom to work out at their own time and pace. Some people can perform better. They become less conscious with nobody around unlike going to group exercise training. People also realized that they do not need to spend so much money on a gym membership to stay fit. As people stay home, they find innovative ways to replace the gym equipment and continue their fitness lifestyle.

Gym enthusiasts will rejoice as Power Hour 360 opens its doors under new normal. The best fitness gym in Kirkland is inviting their regular gym enthusiasts to continue their fitness journey at their fitness studio.

Here are Power Hour 360’s new normal protocols upon entering the studio:

  • Upon arrival, one needs to sanitize your feet by using the tissue and sanitizer by the door.
  • Sanitize your hands by using the hand sanitizer
  • Check your temperature
  • Wear disposable gloves is optional before starting your exercise
  • Treadmills are conveniently social distanced at 6 feet apart 
  • Sanitize any gym equipment after using
  • Circuit and rowing areas are now social distanced as well
  • Every other station is closed down to promote social distancing
  • All fitness instructors will wear masks
  • After every use, each station will be sprayed down with disinfectant 
  • There is a hand sanitizer provided before/during/after exercise
  • Upon leaving, Power Hour 360 promotes contactless parking validation
  • Gym goers are to bring their water bottles and towels 

Power Hour 360 also hired professional cleaners to come once a week to ensure everyone’s safety. Sanitation areas are carefully positioned by the entrance. The Power Hour 360 team is working hard to ensure the safety and cleanliness of the fitness studio for a more safe and comfortable workout session.

Exercising is important to stay healthy and should be part of your daily routine–whether going back to the gym for a group exercise training or a workout from home. 


If you are living in Kirkland, you can visit Power Hour 360 to get back on track for your fitness journey. Sign up and get 2 FREE classes with your PowerPass. Get in touch with them through +1 206-508-5842.

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