Finding the Best E Cig Flavors

In order to make the transition to quitting smoking cigarettes easier, many people have picked up e cigarettes as an alternative. One of the things that former cigarette smokers consistently praise these e cigs for is the taste. Despite the big claims that some tobacco companies tried to make that their products had bold, rich flavors, most of us could tell that taste was not the real selling point for cigarettes. Now lots of us are looking past traditional cigarettes, on to something they never offered, actual flavor. Or more precisely, lots of flavors. People transitioning away from cigarettes and those who never smoked a day in their lives are now trying out all of the e cig flavors on the market, finding their favorites to have on standby. But what are those flavors exactly? We went snooping online and found some of the best types of e cig flavors for you to try for yourself.

Fun Fruits

The most popular e cig flavors are without a doubt the fruity ones. These flavors are likely the ones to get if you are just starting out vaping and want a warm welcome to this new world. Old school flavors like strawberry and grape are great since they remind us of all the candy and sweet beverages we enjoyed growing up. Aside from the more obvious choices, you also get to try out some of the less common fruity flavors like mango and raspberry, which are also available to shop.

Minty Freshness

This one is especially for our former smokers out there. Anyone who has ever been insulted for their smoker’s breath or even denied a kiss for it (that one hurts), knows the pain. If you have ever taken a handful of breath mints before meeting with someone, you can now take a few puffs of an e cig and pick up on that full-on minty fresh flavor. Instead of reaching for a cigarette and covering your breath with some mints, just get a nicotine-free vape pen in a mint flavor. There is also a fruity mint option so you can get that freshness with a sweet taste.

Coffee & A Smoke

If fruits and sweet flavors seem a little too childlike for you, there are some more mature flavors available as well. Coffee lovers out there can enjoy the taste of a few sips with this coffee-flavored e cigarette. Former smokers who genuinely enjoyed the flavor of cigarettes or just missed the taste they had gotten used to, can get a bit of that after they quit too. E cig flavors include both tobacco as well as a stronger variation of that in a bold tobacco pod. Finally, for those who want a much more mild option, there is the vanilla flavor to go with your coffee.

Out of all of the e cig flavors out there, we’ve compiled some of the best into these three recommendations for you to find where your tastebuds belong. To top it all off, these are only a few of the flavors out there waiting for you to try. Whether you are looking for interesting, uncommon flavors you would not have thought of before, or you just want a flavor that you know and love, there is something for you. Or more likely, there are several somethings for you. So go ahead and take your time to pick out each and every flavor you want and grab a couple of extras of the ones you know you will love. Feel free to look online at Cyclone Pods to shop for whichever e cig flavors do the trick for you.

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