Finding Cheap Juul Alternative Devices

When it comes to vaporizers, the Juul was one of the most popular devices to reach the market in years. These sleek little vapes were designed to offer smaller clouds with the same levels of satisfaction. Combined with their minimal maintenance requirements, these vapes quickly became loved by both new and experienced vapor users. Sadly this popularity was a major contributor to the fact that flavored pre-filled pods were banned. Now that vapers can’t get flavored vapor from the same sources, many are left searching for cheap Juul alternative devices that offer flavored vapor and the same ease of use.

One of the most common alternatives are disposable vaporizers. While the flavored pod ban applied to pre-filled vape pods, an exception was made for fully disposable devices. These vapes are basically self contained clones of the Juul with a few crucial differences. The atomizer and e-liquid storage tank is built in, preventing the vape from being refilled, and these vaporizers lack any means of recharging. Once the vape is empty, the entire unit can be disposed of just like an empty Juul pod. Despite their popularity, the fact that every device contains a built in battery and draw activated circuitry makes these vapes a more expensive alternative to buying Juul pods.

For those who are looking to save money, refillable pod vaporizers are one of the best cheap Juul alternative devices. These vapes are built with pods that can be refilled several times before they have to be replaced. Some systems even feature pods with replaceable coils that can be used indefinitely. Because users get to buy their own e-liquids, using a refillable pod system makes it easy to save money while enjoying all of your favorite flavor options.

Thanks to companies like Blankz Pods, your old Juul battery can be converted into a refillable pod system. Their pods are designed to fit easily into Juul batteries and other Juul compatible batteries. The mouthpiece can be easily removed, exposing a small fill hole cover. When this cover is removed, you can pour e-liquid into the holes on either side of the pod’s central chimney. Once the pod is full, you just replace the cover and snap the mouthpiece back into place. These pods are designed to offer a secure leak resistant seal so they can be prefilled and transported just like Juul brand pods.

In addition to offering users the same delicious flavors they are used to from their Juul device, these bods can also help them save big. A pack of four empty Blankz pods is $12.50, already a great savings compared to a $15.99 pack of Juul brands pods. To make the savings even better, each Blankz pod can be used up to 3 times. Because these pods hold a full milliliter of e-liquid compared to the 0.7 ml capacity of a Juul pod, each pod can vape up to 3ml of e-liquid. That is more capacity than an entire four pack of Juul pods all from one $3.12 pod. Even with the cost of e-liquids, Blankz Pod users can expect to save upwards of 70% on their pods.

So if you have been looking for a cheap Juul alternative device, Blankz Pods can help you out. Their pods can help you turn your old Juul battery into a great little refillable device. Check out their shop at to see their full selection of pods, nicotine salt e-liquids, and Juul compatible vaporizer batteries.


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