Feel the Colors of Autumn with Your Children

Children’s clothing matching also pays attention to certain skills. Moms and dads have had this experience. If a child is dressed well, it will increase his popularity in the crowd. On the contrary, if the child is not well dressed, he will lose a lot of love.

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Color matching skills for children’s clothing: What should be paid attention to is the color of the clothes. Children have primitive sensitivity and unique preferences for colors. Therefore, you must first judge from the child’s body and skin color. If it is a little girl with a darker skin color, High-brightness, high-purity clothing should be preferred, with bright colors, eye-catching and spiritual. If this little girl has a brighter complexion, then she has a wider range of adaptation to colors, such as wearing pink, yellow, and red, people will look lively and bright.

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Of course, there is no fixed format for the color matching of children’s clothing. Excessive stylization will look dull and lifeless, but there are too many changes, and it is easy to appear very messy. The purpose is to match the color beautifully, look good, and make everyone look comfortable.

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Style matching skills for children’s clothing: the comfort level of the clothes is a very important factor. Casual clothing and loose nature should be the main characteristics. Children are developing their bodies, and they wear elegant, free and easy casual clothes, and usually do sports. Convenient, not only conducive to physical development, but also gives a special impression of gentleness, cuteness, comfort and casualness.

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Use the style of children’s clothing to supplement the lack of physical shape of some children. For example, for children who are fatter, they should choose collarless or round neck clothes when choosing tops. After wearing this way, the overall feeling of the child will not be too fat.

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While paying attention to the color matching with children’s skin color, we should also pay attention to the matching of children’s body shape and children’s clothing colors; if it is a fat child, choose cool or dark children’s clothing, if the child is thinner, we can choose some Warm children’s clothing. Through the above introduction, have you understood the matching skills of children’s clothing? Come to our Kiskissing store to buy wholesale.

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