Federal Budget and Key Changes Proposed in Australian Migration Law

The Federal Government announced the budget for 2020 to 2021 recently, and the budget plan has new details regarding the immigration program. According to the migration lawyer in Perth, the major part of this migration program is focused on boosting the Australian economy and job creation. Here we’ve compiled the key points of the budget announcement for migration program.

Migration Program 2020 – 2021

The Australian migration program level would remain at 160, 000 for the year 2020 – 2021. The quota for the family stream will increase from 47,732 places to 77,300. The migration program 2020 – 2021 prioritise Employer-Sponsored, Global Talent, Business Innovation and Investment Program visas will be given priority. Yes, the visa application will be given priority if the relevant sponsor resides in a designated regional area. This is to make sure that the country recruits talented individuals who can help with improving the economy.

Visa Refunds

Visa holders of Prospective Marriage visa and Pacific Labour Scheme & Seasonal Worker Programme can get access to their VAC refund whereas temporary skilled worker, visitor or a working holidaymaker, can have the VAC on the subsequent visa application waived. Visa refunds and waives apply to visa holders who cannot travel due to the border closure and travel restrictions.

Investment Visas

The key changes proposed in investment visas will play an important role in Australia’s post-COVID-19 economy. The amendments include increasing the Business Innovation and Investment Program (BIIP), raising BIIP visa application charges from 1 July 2021, and making changes to the BIIP program to focus on higher-value investors, business owners and entrepreneurs.

Student Visas

The Federal Budget focused more on ensuring that COVID-19 and related travel restrictions do not unduly affect international students and their eligibility for post-study work visas. It provides visa application waives for visa holders who are required to lodge a further Student visa application to complete their studies or to remain in Australia as a result of travel restrictions.

Partner Visas

The migration lawyer in Perth also indicates the new changes made to the partner visas. The new Australian budget program has 77,300 places for family visas which is an increase from 47,732 places previously. In order to reduce the risk of family violence, character checks on the sponsor will be made mandatory. Also, the English language requirement is prioritised for visa applicants and sponsors to promote social cohesion and economic participation. Even though the Government has not stated what level of English is required, it’s understandable that the department requires functional English.

Visa Application Fees

There is no change in the partner visa application fees, but it is susceptible to change in the next financial year.

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