Fashion Designing Course in Chennai and Related Information

Fashion design courses are mainly offered at art schools & universities by certification & associates, bachelor’s and also a master’s degree in fashion designing, marketing & other relevant fields.

Due to the value of fashion design, registered students are typically anticipated to complete plenty of hands-on projects trafficking with the start-to-finish system of garment creation.

Fashion design learners are also generally needed to produce an innovative portfolio that showcases their ability. Some Fashion Designing Courses In Bangalore may provide students with the opportunity to gain additional fashion design skills by engaging in runway shows.


Here is a case of common concepts trained in fashion design programs:

    Creative design

    Pattern drafting

    Fashion and art


    Fashion illustration

List of Courses

The building, the Basic Course

A construction fundamental course in Fashion Designing Colleges In Chennai will typically grant an intro to how clothing is gathered. Students read how fabric, cut, seams & other aspects of construction resemble together to compose a piece of clothing. Students can get hands-on experience in developing patterns & study how small modifications in patterns can create unique garments.

Textiles Course

The textiles program is usually taken origin in a fashion design curriculum as an introduction to the diverse fabrics & other textiles applied in the formulation of fashion items. Students of Fashion Designing Courses In Chennai study about the variety in natural & man-made fabrics, as well as how the fabric is fabricated. The program also educates the learners about other silk, textiles, wool or cotton.

Patternmaking Course

The patternmaking class is usually a first-year course that provides a firm base for creating patterns applied in creating clothing. Students of Fashion Design courses in Chennai learn how to produce master patterns that can be applied to make an extended type of garments & in some class, sew clothing from the models they have devised.

Tailoring Course

Tailoring is the means of furnishing a garment so that it wraps properly. This program from Fashion Designing Colleges In Bangalore will build on basic fashion designing coursework, students learn how models control fit & how they can be remodeled. Industry standards and value of industrial sewing machines may be featured in remarkable programs.

Computer Assisted Drawing (CAD) Course

The computer-assisted drawing (CAD) program focuses on the computer applications generally used in the fashion design market, as well as how to apply CAD to form fabrics, patterns, & other designs, so many interior designing pupils of Interior Designing Colleges In Chennai also favor to consider this course. Students study technical design specs, terminology & the fundamental of using CAD. This seminar is normally advised in the second year of a program.

Portfolio Development Course

Fashion designers must have records that show off their talents, skills & abilities. Generating a portfolio involves understanding how to design and put together a collection, as well as staging photos. Students of Inifd Bangalore may also accomplish with runway productions and learn about fitting patterns, picking show music & other features of creating a fashion presentation. At the end of the course, trainees may create the last portfolio or plan a runway show.

Fashion design studies cover the gamut of the primary construction of clothing, textiles, pattern making, tailoring, and computer-assisted art as well a portfolio expansion so that proposed architects have a determined chance in a competitive world.

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