Facts about wisdom teeth


Wisdom teeth removal is a standard dental procedure however, no one looks forward to getting one. Like your first heartbreak, wisdom teeth removal is one of the awkward situations most people are forced to endure. Yet, why do we have those teeth when they are removed in most cases? Read on further to know more about the third molars the set of teeth an adult gets.

1. Wisdom Teeth have not served any purpose for years:

Prehistoric men largely ate raw meat, leaves, and fruits. So they required powerful choppers to cut down their food. That was when the wisdom tooth came in. Nowadays, our mouth and jaw are very small to accommodate these teeth. Besides, modern cooking tools have put those teeth out of business.

Not only are these teeth pointless, they are also problematic. There is no longer enough room for the third molars in our mouth. Hence they cause so many problems when left unattended for a long time. So, most dentists suggest cheap wisdom teeth removal Sydney to prevent any of those problems from occurring.

2. Nature has already made its way:

On the brighter side, eventually, with evolution, the problems with wisdom teeth are taken care of. This means people might not develop their third molars in the future.

3. The number of roots each Wisdom Tooth has:

As we know, roots are a part of the tooth which forms first, and then comes the crown through the gums. The wisdom teeth usually have more number of roots two three or even more. It is for this reason why wisdom teeth removal Sydney is suggested before the root starts to take hold. Once the root develops completely, the removal of wisdom teeth becomes complicated.

4. Wisdom Teeth can erupt at any age:

In most cases, wisdom teeth erupt when an individual is in his late teens or early twenties. However, according to Guinness World Record, the oldest person to develop a wisdom tooth was 94 years. So these teeth can show up at any unfortunate time.

Why do Dentists suggest affordable wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney?

People often undergo wisdom teeth removal, even if there is no discomfort or pain aside from impaction. However, wisdom teeth are said to cause problems in the future.

Generally, wisdom teeth are of no value and cause only problems. The wisdom teeth, when left unattended, can interfere with your bite and cause wear down of teeth. In some cases, retained wisdom teeth cause tumour, nerve damage, cyst, TMJ disorder, and also periodontal disease. Also, because the wisdom teeth crowd other teeth, they usually lead to other diseases like cavities and gum disease.

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