Factors to Consider When Looking for Waterfront Wedding Venues


Are you fantasising about a sand beach wedding? Or, perhaps, envisioning craving serene lakeside vibes? There are lots of waterfront wedding venues in Sydney where you can host your big day next to a lake or pond. Yes, there is a waterfront wedding venue that suits your budget and needs. However, the key is to find the right venue to bring your waterfront wedding visions into reality.

Here are a few things you need to consider when looking for waterside wedding venues Sydney:-

Availability of the venue

Is the venue available? This is one of the most important factors you need to consider before finalising a venue. Some waterfront venues in Sydney are booked years in advance, especially during holidays and special days such as Valentine’s Day. If the venue is not available on the day you have planned for, you will have to change the date or search for a new venue. Once you find the venue is available on the date, book in advance to ensure, nobody else books it on the same date as yours.


What is the purpose of falling in love with a place if it doesn’t fit your budget? Price is also major factor that should be accounted for when choosing a wedding venue as it will help you determine other choices. While some venues offer a price quote per guest, others will provide you with a flat rate for using the place with different packages. If you choose packages, you could save more money. You should also check the price quoted includes catering, and they can decorate you to other vendors who will offer discounts based on the recommendation.


Although you dream of a waterfront wedding, the venue you choose must be easily accessible so that your guests can reach the place on time. Look for a location that can be spotted on the Google maps for easier navigations.


When it comes to the waterfront wedding theme, the weather should be the primary concern. It can go too chilly or hot unexpectedly. You need to make the necessary arrangements to make your guests as comfortable as possible when the weather is not as good as you expected. So, ensure the venue choose has facilities to make you and your guests comfortable. Also, make sure the venue provides bed and breakfast with sweeping views of the water.

The author is an event manager at one of the beautiful waterfront venues in Sydney. Along with the team of professionals, he provides personalised service you deserve on your wedding day. Visit https://www.orso.com.au/weddings for more details.

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