Factors to Consider When Choosing Retractable Pergola

The retractable pergola in Sydney is a great addition to your house since it enhances the curb appeal and also adds value to your property. It is an excellent option for turning your outdoor space into a perfect oasis for spending quality time with your family and friends. You can even set up a kitchen under the shade and cook your favourite dish to relish with your family. What better way could there be for creating a usable space than adding retractable pergola? However, you need to find the right shading system that suits your needs and decor of your house.

Here are a few factors you need to consider when searching for retractable roof Sydney:-

The climate

Climate is one of the significant deciding factors when it comes to a shading system. Since various climates require a different kind of roofs, you need to choose the one that suits your climate. If your area is too windy and receives heavy rain, you need something durable and strong that can withstand harsh climate. There are several varieties of roofs to suit various climatic conditions. If you are not sure, get help from the professional.


There are two types of operation, including manual and motorised. So, before investing in one, determine whether you need to operate the retractable roof manually or remote control. Manual roofs have blades that can be operated by hand using a lever and adjust the blades. On the other hand, automatic retractable roofs can be operated and adjusted with a touch of a button. Latest models are smart shading systems so that it can be operated from your smart phone. Some models even come with sensors and it retracts and closes automatically based on the weather condition.


This is one of the major factors you need to consider before investing in retractable roofs and folding arm awnings. You can install the pergola over your patio, deck, front yard. But, you need to determine the area of the space.

The material

There are several materials that can be selected when it comes to a shading system. Based on the material you choose, you may have more or less maintenance to keep your awning in good condition. Awnings are usually made in strong material for the outdoors. When it comes to fabric, you can range of colours but need to be cleaned regularly to maintain its colour. So, choose the material that suits your home decor with less maintenance.

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