Factors Affecting the Success Rate of Dental Implants

Many of the dental patients who hear that they need dental implants are delighted to learn about the success rate of this state-of-the-art tooth replacement procedure. This means dental implants Melbourne fail in less than 10% of all patients, meaning they either fall out or become so loose that they need to be replaced. This is a fantastic rate of progress that reassures many of the patients about their decision to choose implants over dentures or bridges. There are, however, rare cases in which dental implants for some of the patients may fail. Although rare, failure of dental implants can result from certain oral health, medical conditions, or behaviours. A discussion of some of the most common causes why cheap dental implants Melbourne fail is discussed here.

Failure In Dental Implants If You Don’t Have Sufficient Jaw Bone Tissue

Due to the insertion of these tooth replacement systems into your jaw bone, positioning ensures that you have enough jaw bone tissue to position the entire titanium rod of the implant in your jaw bone. Implants will fail if you do not have adequate jaw bone tissue. There is a way to circumvent this complication for the patients, however. You will better increase the chances that the dental implants will be successful by performing an extra oral operation called a bone graft.

Dental Implants Fail If You Have Diabetes

Thousands of people have diabetes, and they know from experience that it affects a lot more than their blood sugar and the food they need. Having diabetes can make it harder to heal wounds, making it harder to heal the dental implants, too. People with diabetes may have a higher chance of contracting an infection, including a dental implant infection called peri-implantitis. The implant is surrounded by this infection and can potentially make it malfunction. Be sure to let the physicians know if you want implants but also have diabetes, so they can collaborate on the best course of action with your primary health care doctor.

Smoking Could Cause The Failure Of Dental Implants

We know you don’t need a lecture about your habit from us if you smoke or use other nicotine products like vaping. But you should be mindful that the use of nicotine can have a detrimental effect on the dental implant success rate. The risk of developing peri-implantitis, the infection known to cause implant failure, is higher for dental patients who smoke. To increase their success rate, if you want dental implants and want to stop smoking, ask your doctors how you can find a smoking cessation programme that is right for you.

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