Facility Management Checklist


Apart from day to day operations, asset management Sydney is crucial to keep the building in optimal shape. In fact, it is the facility manager’s responsibility to manage the building along with other jobs. However, since you may have a plethora of tasks to complete every day, it is easy to get overwhelmed and overlook what you need to get done, especially if you don’t have a tracking system. Failure to optimise the spaces can lead to expensive repairs and reduced worker happiness down the road. Preventive maintenance plans, along with regular inspection, helps to keep the building in good condition, avoid company expenses.

Here is the checklist of Asset management Sydney:-

Energy usage

Energy usage and utility cost is the major expense for most of the companies, regardless of the size. Installing motion sensor lighting and energy-efficient light bulbs, turning off power strips when not in use, and upgrading older appliances and office equipment are some of the effective ways to curb energy. You need to keep an eye on monthly utility bills and have a basic understanding of the total energy consumed to see how your building is working.

Proper space utilisation

A proper plan will enable you to visualise which spaces of your office are being used and not used. If you have recently remodelled your office for more flexible arrangements or had a big lay off, it can be chaotic if you don’t manage the space. Unless you regularly analyse how your office space is being used, you will run the risk of misusing the space. So, it is essential to regularly monitor the empty seats or desks, underused spaces, and other empty spaces so that you can manage the office space efficiently.

Security system

You wouldn’t want to have a break-in only because you forgot to look over the security systems that particular day. Mostly, a security system check won’t take much time and can help prevent major losses at your business. The security systems require maintenance over time to ensure it works properly so that you can stay on top of your system maintenance schedule.

Safety requirements

Your office will receive new buildings or certain safety regulations that need to be adhered to in a swift manner. It is your job to ensure these get handled, and new things are implemented. If not, you can run the risk of incurring files or opening up your workplace to certain hazards such as being sued or dealing with an employee injury.

Productivity timelines

Apart from building management, you are also responsible for ensuring that project timelines are met. When reviewing the project goals, see if there is a way to improve productivity.

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