Exploring the Key Elements of Classroom Design

Despite the advanced technologies and changes in lifestyle, the classroom design is still the same and there are no significant changes. Of course, desks are streamlined, and there are computers in the classroom. But, the basic setup is still the same where students sit in the desk for the day while the teacher lectures at the front of the classroom.

Why not try to create a better classroom design that breaks out the traditional method? Do you want to be a trendsetter? You may be wondering how to create a modern classroom design? Well, the modern classroom design is all about creating a nurturing environment that fosters and kindles student’s growth in creativity, collaboration, communication, and leadership skills.

Are you wondering what it would look like? Take a look at these key elements of 21st century classroom fitouts design and what it entails.

Flexible Layout

The concept behind 21st century school fitouts design is flexibility. Like how flexible workplaces, flexible classroom designs are created and appreciate as it is found to be productive, creating a flexible classroom is also crucial for personalised learning. Moreover, flexible space gives teachers an opportunity to respond to student’s needs individually.

Flexible classrooms should have a group gathering area, a flex zone that can be adapted for unique learning activities, and multiple seating options. This type of classroom design gives space for adding a variety of groping formats and lesson types that encourages students’ various learning styles.


Technology interaction is one of the key elements of modern classroom design. The classroom uses various technologies as a tool to stimulate curiosity and inspire students’ desire to learn. Whether it is a laptop, desktop, or tablets, it puts the information at students’ finger tips and motivates them research and learn more about the topic.

Multipurpose Furniture

For creating a flexible classroom, you need to get rid of the standard desks and replace it with a range of multipurpose seating options. In order to allow for maximum utility of the space, portable school joinery is crucial as this one of the key elements of modern classroom design. Give students the option to rock, bounce, and rotate while the classroom provides enhanced concentration throughout the day.

Incorporating Light and Bold Colours

Integrating technology into classroom design is as crucial as creating a well-lighted environment with attractive and bold shades as they are conducive to learning and brain activity. In fact, research shows that rooms with a balance of light and bright colours can positively impact learning.

In short, the design should be driven by student’s interests, and the open, flexible spaces should let the students mingle, collaborate with each other, and be creative.

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