Exploring the Different Pizza Crust Styles

Pizza has a long story, with the first pie believed to have been made sometime during the 1800s in Italy. Since then, pizza has become a popular food around the globe. Even the pickiest eaters would love to eat pizza. Chefs around the world have come up with several types of pizza with their skills, each bringing something new and interesting to eat. Whether it is authentic Neapolitan pizza or Chicago-style deep dish, pizza has taken many forms after several iterations ever since its original inception, especially the crust.

Do you know what makes pizza special? It’s the crust! In fact, the crust is the foundation of a pizza and the recipe used because it dictates the texture, taste, thickness, and topping selection. That’s why you need to focus more pizza crust whether you are preparing it on your home or have it delivered from the pizza restaurant Vaucluse.

Now let’s explore the different pizza crust styles and how it influences the taste of the pizza:-

Thin crust

Thin crust is the first type of crust, and it is the de-facto pizza standard. Thin crust includes a range of different textures and flavour profiles. Hence, there is something for everyone to eat. Yes, we are talking about Neapolitan Pizza! In order to achieve the light, slightly crispy texture, pizza must meet a set of specific requirements. New York-style, new haven style and St Louis pizza has the thin crust. So, if you want a pizza that’s a little flop and slightly crispy, thin crust pizza may be the right choice. The next time when you visit the pizza restaurant Vaucluse, go for St Louis pizza, Neapolitan Pizza, Haven style pizza etc.

Thick crust

A thick crust pizza is rectangular in shape and characterized by the style of the crust. Compared to thin crust, thick crust pizza allows for massive amounts of delicious ingredients to rest on top of it. Since the crust is thick, you could add as many as toppings you need and every bite will taste delicious.

Deep dish pizza, traditional pan pizza, Sicilian pizza, etc. are some of the pizza that has a thick crust. While the crusts of the pizza would score high in terms of pizza integrity, you can’t ignore their incredible flavours and textures. Be it the crispy on the outside, fluffy inside crust of Detroit and Sicilian styles or the buttery crust of the deep-dish pizza, there are many reasons why thick crust style is the best pizza in Vaucluse.

Flatbread crust

The flatbread crust is lighter and airier that makes it ideal for less-filling appetizers and small-sized pizzas. Generally, the look of flatbread crust makes it appealing for gourmet pizza and popular toppings like spinach and balsamic.

Custom crust

The dough is typically yeast-less, flour-less, and can be made with anything from veggies, cheese, and other vegan-friendly and gluten-free ingredients. This is suitable for those who are suffering from gluten allergies or insensitivity.

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