Expert Tips to Find a Migration Lawyer

Do you want to come to Australia on a visa to work, study, or live? Wondering how to get a visa or scared of the whole migration process? A good migration lawyer in Perth can help you! When applying for a visa, you must ensure that everything is perfect, as there are thousands of migrants applying for visas to Australia every year. You may think that you don’t meet the visa criteria, or you may not have ideas on where to start. Choosing the right migration lawyer in Perth helps you to set everything right.

Decide on Whether Agent or Lawyer

A migration lawyer or an agent will do the same tasks, but you’ll require a lawyer if you have a complex case that requires ministerial intervention or judicial review. Get recommendations or referrals from someone you trust to find out the best lawyer in town to deal with your migration process. While hiring a migration lawyer, take into account her experience, skill, and integrity.


Check whether the lawyer you choose is specialised in immigration work. This is because, unlike the one who specialises in many areas of law, including migration law, family law, or litigation, a migration lawyer is trained and registered to work specifically in this field. This allows the professional to clear all your doubts on immigration and provide advice without wasting much of your time.

Online Reviews

From the migration lawyer to the superannuation lawyer in Perth, you can find them online easily in this internet era. So, while choosing a migration lawyer, check their online profiles to ensure that you are making the right choice. You can also go through the online reviews to before doing a consultation with them. It gives you clear cut information on how accountable the professional is and how he has dealt the same situation in the past.

Schedule a Meeting

Once you decide on the migration lawyer, schedule a consultancy meeting to convey your thoughts and issues on migration. Bring all the essential documents and other details you may need because it gives the lawyer a clear overview of what your problem is and what solution he can take.

Sign an Agreement

After choosing your migration lawyer, make sure to sign an agreement that clearly states what the lawyer will do and what kind of co-operation he is expecting from you. It serves as a legally binding business agreement for both parties. You should also read and approve the payment schedule to avoid any unnecessary issues in the future.

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