Expert Tips to Choose Your Bride Tribe for the Hens Party

Having your family, friends, nearest, and dearest standing by your side at the alter on your big day is a moment of pride for you. But, choosing the bride tribe is one of the trickiest parts. From hosting the hens party and shopping for the cheap hens party supplies to keep you comfortable and rested on your big day, the bride tribe has a lot of responsibilities. So, it’s vital to surround yourself with people who get you and make you happy, and ensure that you are having a joyful wedding season. Here’s a whittled list of tips that help you choose the bride tribe

Be Realistic

Yes, be realistic about the numbers. Talk to your partner and find out how many groomsmen they are planning to have. Make a decision based on this number, instead of listing and including every girlfriend you’ve ever had. Even though there are no hard set rules on the number of bridesmaids, it’d be easier on the big day if you both have the same amount, especially to look better in photographs.

Make a List

Once you decide the number of members for your bride tribe, begin making a list of everyone you would like to include in your team. From this list, narrow down the obvious choices. If you’ve got sisters, include their names, as they are particularly good for managing your expectations.

Choose the Most Selfless Friends

You love your gal pals for many different reasons but when it comes to choosing your bride tribe, go for the ones who are responsible, provide moral support, and are better at throwing parties. The maid of honour you choose must be capable of handling each and every task associated with hens night parties, organise fun hens night games, choose the right hens night accessories, and more. They must be versatile enough to support you throughout your pre-wedding meltdowns and patiently help you in the wedding planning.

Think About Locations

Do you think you’ll look up to your bride tribe to help you in every stage of the planning process? If yes, it would make sense if you choose to live close just in case you have a last-minute emergency and need help.

Consider the Current Lifestyles

While choosing your bride tribe, keep in mind the lifestyles of your friends who you intend to ask. For example, if your friend has just welcomed a baby, or moving house in a month or two, they wouldn’t find time to help you plan your big day. So, always consider the current lifestyle of your close friend before you are inviting them to join your bride tribe.

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