Expert Tips to Choose the Right Sprinkler for Your Garden

A lovely garden not only transforms the look of your property but also creates a more positive vibe. It purifies the air around you and is extremely beneficial for the environment. There are plenty of things that one must consider when it comes to maintaining the charm of your garden. From the sprinkler systems to the stormwater fittings, you need the right irrigation supplies in Perth to give your garden the proper care it requires. So, here we’ve listed a few tips that help you choose the right sprinkler for your garden.

Tips to Choose the Right Sprinkler

Choosing the right sprinkler for your garden or lawn among dozens of varieties and thousands of combinations can be a daunting task. Consider the following factors while choosing the sprinkler system to choose the right one for the right job.

Flow Rate

The flow rate is defined as the volume of water which passes per unit time. The average flow rate is 15 to 30 litres per minute. So, while choosing Perth irrigation supplies, you must work out on the flow rate from the tap you want to use for your watering system.

Measurements of Your Lawn

Measure the dimensions of your lawn, including all angles and curves along the edges. These measurements play a significant role in achieving the right sprinkler placement.

Sprinkler Placement

Improper placement of sprinklers result in,

– In-efficient lawn watering

– Turf disease

– Pest problems

– Inaccurate coverage

– Over-spraying or under-spraying

Don’t place the sprinklers in the middle of the lawn, but space them on the perimeter edge to achieve great benefits. You must also consider the soil depth, quality, and the type of the lawn for accurate placement of your sprinklers. The ideal placement of sprinklers for a 4×8 lawn area is, installing three sprinklers on the 8m edges. You can place one sprinkler to the left at 90°, one in the middle at 180°, and the third to the right at 90°.

Sprinkler Nozzle Selection

Choosing the right nozzle for your sprinkler is one of the most crucial yet overlooked elements in the irrigation system. Here are a few considerations to select the right nozzle for your sprinkler system

– Choose a nozzle with low precipitation for slope areas

– Select a nozzle with a low nozzle outlet trajectory for windy areas

– Go for a nozzle that features a matched precipitation rate to achieve even distribution of water

– Select a nozzle with an undercut to ensure uniform watering

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