Expert Tips to Choose a Good Indian Restaurant in Canada

Indian food is something that many people are fond of, mainly for its flavours and spices. Indian cuisine is considered synonymous with delicious and healthy food that combines spices, herbs, vegetables and fruits in a balanced proportion. When it comes to experiencing authentic Indian flavours, people in Canada have to look for the best Indian restaurant in Vancouver. Finding the best Indian restaurant in Vancouver is a challenging task as some of the restaurants are expensive, and some do not have accurate Indian flavours. So, here we’ve compiled a few tips that help you pick the right Indian restaurant in Vancouver to relish the real taste of India.

Know the Flavours

When you are looking for the best Indian restaurant in Vancouver, it’s imperative to know the kind of flavour you are looking for. Based on the region from which the dish was originated, Indian food has distinct flavours, and each varies from the other to a greater extent. North Indian flavours are usually rich in spices and flavours and include popular Indian dishes like butter chicken, different varieties of Indian bread like a naan, tandoori roti, rumali roti, and few other popular curries. If you are looking for hot and spicy flavours, look for an Indian restaurant menu covering the above dishes.


The Indian restaurant you choose must cater to all sizes of wallets, and there are many Indian restaurants that offer taste food at a moderate cost. A perfect dining experience must include a combination of good ambience, delicious food, and cheerful service at affordable rates. So, get referrals from your friends and family, and finalize the restaurant of choice after going through reviews, ratings, timings, menus, discounts, home delivery options and online reservations.

Authentic Indian Delicacy

This is an important tip to consider when choosing an Indian restaurant in Vancouver. Many restaurants claim that they offer real food, but they mess up the traditional food with different flavours. So, choose a restaurant that uses fresh, aromatic spices and high-quality ingredients to enjoy the real delicacy of Indian food.

Indian Food Delivery

If you are ordering Indian food online for delivery, keep the above-mentioned points in consideration and confirm whether the restaurant you choose delivers food to you or not. Treating your guests with Indian food can definitely lift their mood, and you will have great fun experimenting with different flavours.

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