Everything you should know before installing Audi electric car charger!

Your Audi electric car has been delivered to you. What next? How does charging actually work? Which charging station is right for you, and what do you need to keep in mind when buying one? We have shed light on some of the key points in more detail below.

Before you start, here are some info you will need to make your decision.

– Make and model of the plugin vehicle you want to charge

– Your vehicles’ electric range (PHEVS) and the longest distance you expect to drive between charges regularly (EVS).

– location of the closest electric panel to your parking spots

The make and model of the plugins lets you know the size of the battery pack and also the capacity of the vehicles onboard charger. You will need a charger powerful enough to fully recharge the battery between trips and you will also need an outlet or the charging station near the parking space that can service that rate of charging.

How fast of an Audi car charger would you need?

If you only need to charge your Audi car overnight, you can have a plugin hybrid. You may also sometimes need quick charging on long trips because higher charging speeds are available at most public charging stations. Level 2 chargers use 240V; however, charging rate will vary based on electrical current or the charger’s amperage. Your need for speed charging will vary based on the electric vehicle’s range and your driving style. If your Audi car has a long commute, less range, or is always driven at top speed, you may benefit from a faster charger.

Where do you want to put your charger?

If you can, install your Audi electric car charger close to the electrical panel. The professionals you hire may need to run a conduit from your board to where you will charge. A lot of conduits can get expensive. Installing your Audi ev charger close to the garage can make it easier to install weatherproof chargers to charge multiple cars. This gives you the flexibility to install indoors or out, depending on where you want to park the car.

Reliability and safety:

The charger you choose should be tested and certified to make sure that it is safe with your electric vehicle or to use in your home. Energy star certification shows that the charger uses minimal energy when not charging. This can help lower your energy usage. A portable charger, on the other hand, is suitable for travelling. Also, make sure to look into the support and warranty available for the charger you are looking to buy as well as the reputation of the company behind it.

Will the electric charger help me save money?

Solar panels can power your electric charger. By using this conventional energy, you can save a lot of money in the long run.

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