Everything you should know about the Audi Q2!

Funky is the word you can associate with Audi’s Vorsprung Durch Technik, and that is preciously what you would get with the new Audi Q2. This smallest SUV pleases traditionalists and also attracts new customers who might otherwise have gone for the established more run-of-the-mill alternatives. The first thing to strike in anyone’s mind about Audi Q2 is that it looks like none of the other compact SUVs. It features clean lines and a c-pillar that is available in different colours. Popping inside, it has Audi’s signature premium feel and look, and the higher the trim level, the better it gets.

Everything you should know about Audi Q2 before buying one:


Setting the manufacturers hype, the Audi Q2 looks like a chic little pumped up supermini. Just under 4.2 metres long, it is the smallest model of its kind. The new Audi Q2 is a practical transport for four to travel in reasonable comfort in the long run.

The Refined Mirrors:

The Audi Q2 is a bit more of what is called a driver’s car well. It’s not invariably the case with crossover models. The handling feels grippy, body control is reasonable, and the steering communicates well what’s going on at the wheels. If you are looking to buy Audi Q2, it is a good buy as the ride comfort is pretty good. The larger wheels fill up the wheel arches. The star turn cabin is a classily upmarket with contrasting red trim inserts in some versions.

Under Bonnet Options:

Audi is a significant Prestige car brand that is synonymous with innovation and quality. Audi Q2 comes with a choice of diesel and petrol engines. The seven-speed S Tronic auto, six-speed manual, and trim levels are SE, Sport, and S line.

What to consider when buying a Car?

While seeking the options on the new car, certain ones would help to determine if that is right for you. This is because people tend to have some preferences over others. One thing to consider is the interior of the car you buy. While deciding the interior, make sure it meets the comfort level you would need from your vehicle. Then comes the exterior where you would see the flair you wanted to flaunt. Audi cars are expensive cars, so make sure you choose the right one. The next thing you should be looking for is the new Audi Q2 offers before buying your vehicle.

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