Everything You Should Know about Hulu and Hulu Live

Hulu is a well-established streaming platform that provides an affordable and versatile streaming service. Just like Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime and many other streaming platforms, Hulu also has a huge list of content that users can watch restlessly. Now if you’re interested in Hulu or Hulu Live, you should know more about it before getting into it. So here’s everything about Hulu and Hulu Live.

What is Hulu?

Hulu is a popular and well-established streaming platform that allows the user to watch their preferred movies and TV shows. The collection of movies and TV shows on Hulu is endless, and it is increasing every day. In order to watch content on Hulu, there are a couple of subscription plans that a user can choose according to their requirements. If you love to watch movies, TV shows and even sports, then Hulu could be the best streaming service for you.

The basic subscription plan of Hulu comes at $12/month. The basic plan offers ads-free content with a complete library. However, Hulu Live is pretty expensive because it offers more than 65 live channels, and costs $65/month. The ads-free Hulu Live comes at $75/month.

Hulu is Available in How Many Countries?

Well, Hulu is currently available in the United States, but most likely they will expand their services in many more countries in upcoming months.

Hulu + Live TV

Hulu plus Live TV offer a huge collection of content and channels including News, Sports, and Live Shows. However, a few channels are not available in some of the areas of the United States. Channels that are available in most of the locations are ABC, USA, CNN, TCM, CBS, FOX, THE CW, NBC, TNT, SyFy, and Lifetime.

Hulu Account Limitations, Parental Controls and Profiles

Hulu allows two users over one subscription and in a single user can create up to six different profiles. Great thing about Hulu is its unlimited screens add-on which allows the user to access the account on multiple devices.

In terms of parental controls, the first owner of the subscription can only create Kids profiles and choose which content should be available on kids profile. The owner can also restrict all mature content from the Kids Account to make sure the profile is safe and clean.

Hulu Add-ons

The Hulu and Hulu Live account subscription provides a certain number of channels and unlimited content, but you can expand the number of channels in Live TV. By paying additional $8/month, you can access the Entertainment bundle which includes, CNBC Channel, American Heroes, Destination America, Cooking Channel, Discovery Life, Discovery Family, Great American Country, FYI, Science, and Lifetime Movies.


Before making any decision, Hulu also provides a free trial to its new users for a month. In the first month of subscription, users don’t have to pay but they can check and watch all the content. If Hulu and Hulu Live subscription services suit right, then users simply need to keep using it, and Hulu will charge its first subscription amount after the trial ends. But if anyone doesn’t like the service, they’ll have to cancel the subscription before the trial ends.

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