Everything You Need To Sports Massage

Recovery is an important step after a sports injury. It doesn’t matter whether you are going to the gym or getting ready to run. Any exercise can strain your body through wear and tear. So, you need to give your muscles and tendons adequate time to recover properly. That’s why many people opt for massage therapy called sports massage Perth.

What is sports massage?

You may be wondering what sports massage is and how it differs from a deep tissue massage. Sports massage is drawn from several techniques that are already familiar to you, including deep tissue massage. Sports massage Perth helps to reduce muscular tension, discomfort, pain, prevent injuries, and keep you in good shape. Although people who actively participate in sports opt for sports massage Perth, it is not restricted to them as it can help to treat a wide range of conditions, including:-

– Postural related pain

– Headaches

– Golfers and tennis elbow

– Back pain

– Repetitive strain injuries

– Muscular and joint injuries

– Whiplash

Sports massage technique incorporates compression and stretching movements and is fast-paced. The massage therapist will apply several techniques throughout the treatment, including friction techniques, longitudinal stripping, and muscle energy techniques.

Generally, these massage techniques are used to increase blood circulation, warm up the muscle, and reduce muscle tension. Of course, sports massage is tailored to the needs of a sportsperson who is about to compete in an event. But, it can also be used to treat several injuries as it offers both physical and psychological benefits.

What are the benefits of a sports massage?

Sports massage helps to

– Reduce muscle tension, discomfort, and muscular pain

– Increased range of motion which leads to enhanced performance

– Reduce muscle stiffness and soreness after an injury or sports activity

– Improve blood circulation

– Aids sleep quantity and quality

– Reduction in physical and psychological stress levels

Due to the targeted nature of this massage technique, you won’t receive a full-body massage. So, for combating body-wide aches and muscle knots, you need to opt for remedial massage Perth. However, you’ll get an extra bonus with sports massage as it incorporates stretching and active range of motion. That’s why it mimics exercise closely.

Sports massage is particularly great if you are focusing on the athletic pursuit. Maybe you’ve started lifting weights or taking Cross Fit classes, your therapist will target a certain muscle group based on your preferred athletic activity.

The author is an experienced massage therapist who provides deep tissue massage, remedial massage, and pregnancy massage in Perth to treat various health conditions. Visit https://www.sportsmedsubiaco.com.au/ for more details.

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