Everything You Need To Know About Restorative Dentistry

Many people might be aware of the cosmetic dentistry and often confuse it with the restorative dentistry, they might overlap sometimes, but each has its purposes. Restorative dentistry is essential for people, and it should be treated immediately to stop the further damages by restoring the damaged teeth, but, the cosmetic dentistry may or may not be useful for damage control. Still, it is beneficial in changing the look of the teeth for aesthetic purposes.

What exactly is Restorative Dentistry?

The word restorative dentistry is an umbrella term that contains many restorative dental procedures under it. The term is not considered as a speciality, but many well-experienced dentists can perform these procedures. The restorative dentistry can include veneers, dentures, crowns, bridges, and implants. The restorative dentistry focuses on supporting the missing and decayed tooth for both functional and aesthetic purposes. Jussmile is an eminent dental clinic in Madhavaram and has experienced dentists who are well-versed in all restorative dental procedures.

Treatments for Absent Teeth

The main goal of restorative dentistry is to protect your natural teeth from any damage or misplacements. This type of dentistry is also called as prosthodontic dentistry. The various methods can replace the missing tooth, and it is chosen according to the individual problems faced by the people. One way may not work for every person, even though the primary problem can be missing of the tooth, there are many treatments like dentures and implants to correct it because the nature of the problem may vary.

Restorative treatments will make sure to stop the spread of cavities and protect the teeth from further damage; it also helps in maintaining the overall oral health and reduces the stress for the rest of the teeth.

Various Options for Your Requirements and Budget

Before deciding on what treatment to proceed with, the right dentist will thoroughly check and then recommend the best possible option based on your budget. Most of the dentist will try to preserve your natural teeth as much as possible by incorporating treatments such as dental implants. If they cannot be protected, then partial or full dentures are recommended by the dentist. Visit Jussmile, a prominent dentist in Kilpauk to get more insights about the restorative dentistry and their costs.

Types of prosthodontic Dentistry

The restorative dentistry has seen advancements in the recent days; your nearby dentist can fix all your dental problems. If you are looking for the best dentist in Ambattur, then reach out to Jussmile to experience world-class facilities and right procedures for all your dental problems.

The restorative dentistry is mainly divided into two categories which are direct and indirect. The direct ones are easy and done with only one visit to the dentist. So based on your problem, the dentist will choose the fillings like ionomers or composites to fix the missed or decayed tooth.

The indirect procedures include using dental crowns, inlays or onlays. The dental crowns are a teeth replacement and cover the entire crown area of the mouth. The inlays cover the cusps of the tooth, and onlays cover the tip of the cusp. These dental procedures take more than a single visit to the dentist. Therefore based on your problem, the dentist will recommend the suitable treatments. Choose the best dental clinic like Jussmile for your restorative dental procedures.

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