Everything You Need to Know About Pizza Toppings

Pizza is a cheap, filling, and delicious food. From the frozen pizzas available on the supermarkets to the fresh pizzas from the pizza places in Petersham, you can’t escape pizza’s reign.

One of the most crucial elements of pizza is the toppings. Pizza toppings do really matter, and in fact, it adds the flavour to the pizza. A common question that makes everyone liar – what do you want on your pizza? People respond, “Anything is fine.” But, the truth is, as soon as the pizza arrives, people start picking off the toppings they don’t like. That’s why it is essential to pick the right toppings when you order a pizza in Petersham.

How to choose the right pizza toppings?

While some prefer to remain in the realm of traditional toppings, including sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, basil, green bell peppers, onions, and tomatoes that are safely accentuating a basic red sauce, others want to try something new. So, which category you fall in? Of course, there is nothing wrong in choosing traditional toppings as they are all standard-bearers as pizza toppings for a good reason.

But, if you are among the adventurous types, you’ll definitely want to branch out with your meats, including ground beef, bacon, chicken; smoked sausage, steak, and everything you want to try in meat. You could also add store produced toppings on your pizza if you wanted to. If nothing comes in your mind when you are the best pizza restaurant in Petersham, go with the chef’s choice.

Here is a list of must-try, popular pizza toppings:-


While pineapple is an amazing pizza topping, it is not the only fruit that makes a great choice. Why not try peaches, apple, cheddar, and other fruits? These are one of the classic unorthodox combinations. You can even double the taste by adding ricotta and figs to top your pizza. In fact, Apples and cheddar can change your Italian pizza into an all-Australian treat. Think out of the box and be innovative. Why your pizza should be the same while you have several options? Of course, if you are a fruit lover.


Anchovies are a bold choice to top your pizza. Unlike olives and pineapples, Anchovies is considered to be as the best pizza topping. In fact, they were the toppings for authentic Neapolitan style pizza.

Ground Beef

Although it is a rare choice for a pizza topping, it is suitable for certain styles of pizza. You can use it in taco pizza as it is quirky and delicious speciality pizza.


If you are a meat lover, then ham is for you. It balances the sweet taste like pineapple, and Hawaiian style is the most popular application of ham on a pizza.


Chicken is the non-traditional picks for toppings which recently gained its popularity. It is a versatile and flavourful meat that can accent many pizza types.

The author is a chef and blogger who works in the pizza places in Petersham. Along with a team of professionals, he provides delicious, Italian pizza for all types of events in the city and surrounding areas. Visit https://madeinitaly.com.au for more details.

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