Everything You Need To Know About Pizza Crust

Despite the stringy cheese-pulls oozing from a hot slice with exotic toppings and flavours, it’s the crust that makes every bite of a pizza delicious. Yes, it’s one of the essential components in a pizza. The crust is always the deciding factor in different styles of pizza from the iconic New York slice style to the thick crust of the Detroit Sicilian type of pizza.

Why is the crust so important and what makes the pizza crust?

The crust is the foundation in which all pizzas are made. Without crust there is no crunchypizza, and you would be left with an assortment of sauce, cheese, and toppings which seems more like leftover lasagne than a pizza. It is no wonder cheese and toppings are all delicious by themselves you don’t have to add anything to make them taste better. But, when it comes to pizza, a crust is what makes the pizza a crunchy texture and gives the toppings their purposes. So, the next time when you order the best pizza in The Rocks, consider the crust as well.

While every person has their own unique taste and preferences of the perfect pizza crust, the dough preparation, method of baking, and ingredients are the essential elements of pizza that defines the perfect pizza crust.

Here is a breakdown of different types of pizza crusts:-

Thin crust

Thin crust type of pizza is the first type of popular pizza, and it is the de-facto pizza standard. It includes a range of different textures and flavours, so there is something for every age group to enjoy think crust type of pizza.

It is no wonder Neapolitan Pizza is believed to be the authentic, original Italian pizza. It has a thin, light, and slightly crispy texture and must meet a various set of requirements to achieve the thin crust. Unlike other pizza, Neapolitan Pizza is baked in a wood-fired, domed oven. Marinara and Margherita are the classic styles. Whether you are making your own pizza or using pizza delivery The Rocks service, this is the perfect crust if you are looking for an authentic Italian pizza.New-York style, St Louis pizza, and New Haven style are some of the pizza’s that has a thick crust.

Thick crust

A thick crust is typically rectangular in shape and it the most capable crust type of allowing for massive amounts of delicious ingredients to rest on top of it. From the crispy-on-the-outside, fluffy-on-the-inside crust found in Detroit and Sicilian styles to the buttery crust of the Chicago deep-dish pizza, there are many compelling reasons for thick crust’s rising popularity throughout Australia. Detroit/Sicilian style, double-dough, stuffed-crust style, Chicago deep-dish and flatbreadare some of the popular pizzas that have thick crust with incredible flavours and textures.

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