Essential On-Page SEO Factors to Drive Traffic

The way your webpage is optimised can have a huge impact on rankings. To rank well in search engines like Google, you need to provide clear signals that your webpage is different than your competitors. There are a lot of tactics and strategies to achieve this. But, the most important thing you could do is optimise your content. SEO experts know that on-page optimisation should be always prioritised. It is a good idea to work with SEO Company in Sydney to implement the right on-page SEO techniques.

While off-page SEO will help make your website popular on the internet, right on-page SEO techniques can get visibility in the search engines.

Here are the essential on-page SEO factors you need to consider as suggested by experts from the best SEO Company in Sydney:-

Meta title

This is one of the significant on-page SEO factors you need to consider while optimising your content. The more optimised and attractive your content is, your content is likely to get more clicks. When you get more clicks, you can rank higher in SERP. Integrate the right keyword in the title tag. However, if it is not possible, ensure to at least add in the title. Do not use the same keyword more than once in the title tag as it could hurt your ranking.

Keyword density

Make sure the keyword density is 1.5%. While there is no magical formula, use semantically related keywords to help search engines understand your content. Insert the main keyword once in the first paragraph of your content and again in the last paragraph. You can also the keywords in the content where it makes sense.

Meta tags

Add a unique and relevant Meta description based on your content for each post. Ensure to use your targeted keywords in the Meta description. There is a co-relation with optimised Meta descriptions and ranking. Of course search engines pick on keywords. But, it is also essential for users to click on the post. All you need to do is create user-friendly Meta descriptions that are related to your content.


Today, image optimisation has become one of the effective SEO techniques as it helps a lot in driving more traffic to your website. When you insert keywords in the image title, it helps to make your post more focused and targeted.

Add schema

By adding structured data, you can help the search engines understand more about your content. However, this is often overlooked. When used correctly, it can help you increase ranking.

Engaging content

Try to write engaging content. You cannot trick the search engines with low-quality contents. Learn how to engage your audience in a way that is useful for them. Understand what they want to read and then create content.

External linking

It is a good idea to link out to external websites as well. Make sure to do this if the information on the external website is relevant to your content. External links can help make your site appear more credible.

When you work with the SEO Company in Sydney, they will implement the right on-page and off-page SEO techniques to achieve the desired results.

The author is an SEO expert who provides SEO services in Sydney. Along with the team of professionals, he implements effective strategies and continuously works to improve your search engine optimisation results and increase your web traffic. Visit for more details.

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