Essential Interview Questions You must Prepare for Placements

Tell us something about yourself

This question is usual and quits important from the perspective of a candidate. It is the candidate to gets an opportunity to speak about himself at long. Don’t make any mistake of introducing yourself by specifying your name, speaking about your graduations, extra skills activities, etc. The interviewer requires to know about your data that are not mentioned in your resume. If you’re a fresher, you can start with the electrical systems your parents have instilled in you and then get to the strengths or strong point. Even tell them why you’re the best and well-qualified candidate for this work or job, by stating the skills that you have, which is required to do that good job.

What are your interests and detests?

Interests may be in practically everything, such as in, clothes, locations, transportation, wearing clothes, people or friendships. The same holds for detests. Interest may including your hobbies too.

Which strengths and weaknesses do you have?

Many candidates don’t know about themselves that is a shocking point. Let us get the example of selling as a function. you require some necessary qualities to be a successful selling executive and also improve on the job. These are honesty, good oral communication and listening abilities, great knowledge of the product, skill to size up the user and realize him require, provide the correct output or product feature by describing the advantages, discipline, patience, huge energy levels, the skill to believe in oneself while the chips are down believing that your product is the best in the business. 

You are want to do a very honest SWOT analysis of yourself and also you can speak to your family people, ask them to give their honest feedback on your excellent qualities, skills, even the locations where you need to develop. 

Coming to weakness, please note that weaknesses are in all professionals. However, You can not list a weakness that is a prerequisite for work.

These interview questions are most essential for placement. FITA provides the best Placement Interview Questions under professional experts. Placement Training in Chennai is the best option will make your excellent career in the IT Industry.

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