Enjoy Traditional Indian Food without Regret

Indian food served in the best Indian restaurants in Vancouver is filled with rich aromas and diverse flavours that are irresistible. Well-known for its spices and delicious taste, Indian food is popular among food lovers in Canada more than ever before. Unfortunately, Indian food is highly misunderstood, and people took it to be hot, spicy, oily, rich and fatty. Moreover, preparing Indian dishes is considered to be challenging and time-consuming. In this article, the chefs from the best Indian restaurants in Vancouver burst the bubble of myths spun around traditional Indian food.

Myth #1

Indian Food is Hot and Spicy

Indian food is well-known for its usage of spices, but that doesn’t mean that every Indian dishes are hot and spicy. Not all Indian food is made using a large assortment of spices, and only one or two ingredients are added to enhance the taste. In some Indian dishes, the spices are adjusted to create a milder version to soothe your taste buds. If you are worried about hot chicken gravy, you can opt for a mild butter chicken to enjoy the authentic taste of Indian cooking.

Myth #2

Indian Food is Unhealthy

Like any other cuisine in the world, Indian cuisine has both dishes made using less oil and more oil. It’s your choices that make the difference. The traditional Indian restaurant menu features Indian dishes made using fresh and high-quality ingredients that make it even healthier. If you are more calorie-conscious, you can consider using less oil for dishes to make it a healthier option. Moreover, the usage of spices and herbs in Indian cooking makes Indian food nourishing and empowers your immune system.

Myth #3

Indian Food is Diet-busting

As mentioned earlier, the richness of Indian food depends on the choices you make. Indian food is diverse and contains dishes from different cultures within India. It contains buttery chicken dishes, healthy tandoori varieties, and rich sweet options such as gulab jamun, jalebi, and more. So, health-conscious individuals must watch the platter they choose as Indian dishes are tempting and appealing.

Myth #4

Indian Food Uses Curry Powder

This myth is not at all true. Not all Indian dishes use curry powder, and the spices used in individual dishes are varied based on the taste. Curry powder is a special blend that’s not used in every dish but is sometimes added to a certain platter to enhance the flavour.

The Bottom Line

Indian food is well-known for its richness and mouth-watering taste. Don’t let these misconceptions stop you from experiencing the appetizing dishes from one of the best, authentic cuisines in the world.

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