End Uses of Greaseproof Paper


So you are wondering how to use a greaseproof paper. A greaseproof paper is a specialty grade paper used in the food industry. This type of paper is has low GSM and amazing features to achieve the desired results. From baking a cake to wrapping food items, printed greaseproof paper can do much more than it is advertised.

Although this paper is exposed to high temperature and come in contact with high grease levels, it performs well. Its special features enhance the paper’s production process and also classify it as a specialty grade with the characteristics and costs of a premium paper.

Here is how you can use greaseproof paper:-

Food service

If you are searching for a wrapper that not only absorbs oil but also keeps the food fresh even after a long period, then printed greaseproof paper is the right choice. Since this paper is breathable, it keeps the baked, fried, and cooked food fresh and less soggy by letting steam and moisture escape. This paper is perfect for wrapping food likes Hot Dogs, Pizza slice, soft shelled Taco, Tortilla Chips, Popcorn etc. Apart from this, you can use the paper as table mats; use to line a baking tray, etc.


You can use parchment paper to protect items during shipping, like fine artwork or perishable items and specific items that has grease coating to protect from rusting. It is often used as an inter-leaver between frozen meats and as a protective layer on textile. While some use it for pet-food bags, pan liners, and release papers for floor tiles, and graphic papers.

Promote your brand

Do you want to create brand awareness? Well, then what better tool can be than printed greaseproof paper? Since this paper can be customised, you can add logo and your brand colours on the paper. Use the paper to create brand awareness among your potential customers and target audience.

Stack it

Greaseproof paper is an excellent tool for freezing duplicates. If you’re stacking cookies, the paper keeps everything neatly separate so you don’t get stuck trying to pry frozen cookies or dough balls before baking.

Greaseproof paper is designed in such a way to prevent the penetration of oil & fats thus retain the original flavour and taste intact. It won’t affect the original quality of food as it has good breathability. Greaseproof paper is suitable to withstand wide range of environments, from hot oven to deep freezer and humidity. A role of printed greaseproof paper is a must-have in your kitchen.

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