Effective Strategies to Improve Your Facility’s Security

Like other companies out there, you would also focus on digital data breaches when preparing the defences. The nature of accessing the information through a few lines of coding and a deep investigation into a network’s security can make cybercriminals a potential threat. In fact, it is not hard to be impressed by the skills of hackers these days. Well, it’s no wonder why companies put their efforts into digital data.

That being said, the potential threat of digital hacking has put pressure on the facility managers and forced them to shift their focus away from the building’s physical security. While digital data breach is a major concern, facility’s security is equally important. Criminals don’t care how they get information as long as they can make a profit it. They won’t even hesitate to break into offices and steal what they need. This is when the assistance of security companies Sydney is invaluable.

How to improve your building’s security?

Do you know crime costs Australian businesses about $170m per annum and has a powerfully negative psychological effect on both business owners and staff? Regardless of the crime, a small criminal incident has a significant impact on your business. So, what should you do? Here we have gathered effective strategies to better secure your facility from intruders and thieves shared by the security guards in Sydney.

Authentication matters

The more levels of authentication, the better safe your facility. Yes, the authentication of a person’s identity and security credentials is crucial to ensure the physical security of any office, regardless of the size. If there are more barriers and secure areas, the chances are high that criminals can slip and get caught. It would be best if authenticate everybody who enters your building frequently, including the workforce. Utilise access control system as it enables you to control who accesses your building, when they can access and where they can go.

You must have physical attributes to gain access to a particular area like ID card, codes to pass a security checkpoint, and fingerprints or DNA as they are great ways to authenticate the identity. Moreover, areas that require higher security levels should have as many authentication barriers as possible using a combination of all three.

You’ll need security cameras

For enhanced security, you’ll need a closed-circuit TV system as it is an effective tool for monitoring your building. However, it’s important to place the cameras strategically. In addition to recording all activity in your building, cameras also serve as deterrents and create a safe environment for the building occupants.

Hire security guards

There are many good reasons to rely on security guards, including crime prevention, peace of mind, immediate and proper handling of crime, and real-time monitoring. It’s the security guards who keep the properties, valuables, clients, customers, and workforce secured and safe.

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