Early Signs that Indicate Your Business Needs Commercial Roof Repair

A safe and well-maintained roof is essential to maintain the structural integrity of your commercial building. A well-built roof not only protects the building’s interior from severe weather but also saves money, reduces energy costs, and aesthetically enhances your building. When your commercial roofing in Federal Way WA fails, it can cause severe damages to the structure of your building and affects the success of your business. So, determining commercial roof repair in Federal Way WA at an early stage is essential to prevent any costly damages in the future. Here we’ve discussed a few early signs of commercial roof repairs.

Moisture Problems

Moisture problems occur when your roof is not absolutely watertight. When the roof isn’t watertight, moisture can infiltrate and wreak havoc on your commercial building. High humidity, water stains on ceilings, and an increase in insects indicate moisture problems in your commercial roof.

High Energy Bills

Did you know reflective commercial roofs can reduce the temperature on the surface of the roof by as much as 30 percent? A low-efficient, poorly insulated roof can let in too much heat in the summer, leaving you with huge energy bills. High energy bills are the indication that your commercial roof requires immediate attention.

Damaged Roof Membrane

One of the easiest ways to tell that you must get immediate commercial roof repair in Federal Way WA is an irreparable, damaged roof membrane. Strong winds can cause severe uplifting on your roof membrane, and if you can see large bald spots on the membrane, your commercial roof needs to be replaced.

Low Spots

Low spots on your roof are the sure signs of a failing commercial roof, and addressing this issue immediately could save you from much bigger problems in the future.

Cracked Roof Surface

Cracks, bubbles, and blisters on your commercial roof surface could be a sign of trapped moisture, and when left unattended, it could result in leaking.

Mold Growth

Mold growth is another red flag, and it occurs when water breaching your roofing system or perhaps the exterior of your building. Hire a professional roofing contractor in Federal Way WA to have your roof checked professionally.

Water Infiltration

Are there visible watermarks or stains on your building? These are indicators your commercial roofing isn’t up to par in terms of elemental damage. This usually occurs when the roof membrane and the secondary protection fails to stop water as it begins to age.

Did you notice any of these signs in your commercial building? Do you think it’s time for commercial roof replacement? Contact the experts at Olympic Roofing to get your roof fixed right away without causing any damage to your building.

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