Door Lock Maintenance & Care – Tips from a Locksmith


Although door locks are a part of our everyday life, we do not put much thought into them. Many homeowners pay attention to their door locks until something goes wrong with them. Just like any other hardware in your home, door locks get a lot of wear and tear. Since door locks act as the first line of defense for a building, it needs to be properly maintained and cared for.

Typically you don’t think about the maintenance of your door lock, but to increase its lifespan, it is imperative to regularly clean and maintain them. So, what is the best way to maintain and care for your door locks? Here are a few tips and tricks suggested by the locksmith St Charles MO:-


Just think about why you change the oil in your car every 3 months? Not because the oil is old but to remove dirt and contaminants that have been accumulated in it. The same analogy goes to the door locks as well. You need to lubricate the door locks frequently to remove the dirt and debris that could potentially jam a lock. For the best results, use Graphite or Teflon lubricants. Ensure to lubricate parts like latch, bolt, and hinges, as well.


Cleaning the locks is an essential part of the maintenance of the door locks. Since door locks come into contact with various elements throughout the day, they tend to collect dust, dirt, and grime. If you do not clean the locks regularly, the buildup of dirt and dust can cause the lock to seize up. Use a gentle washcloth to clean the body of the lock and spray the lubricants in the keyway. All types of locks needs some form of maintenance and care to keep in them in optimal condition.

Avoid unnecessary force

Door locks should be handled gently to promote their use and longevity. Do not apply too much force while opening and closing the door. Teach your children to handle the doors properly.

Call in a locksmith St Charles MO for complex door problems

While you can handle the day-to-day maintenance of your door locks, you need to call in a professional locksmith for complex jobs like lock replacement, keypad programming, broken key extraction, key duplication, etc. If you are experiencing door lock issues, contact a professional residential locksmith St Charles MO to get them fixed. Never follow DIY methods to fix the door locks problems as you may end up causing more damages to lock and door

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