Don’t Forget to Ask these 5 Questions Before Hiring a Criminal Lawyer

If you or someone you know is injured, you will have to make several decisions quickly. Along with seeking proper medical attention at the earliest, you should also get the assistance of an experienced law firm, if the injury was caused due to the negligence of another. How do you find the right criminal injury lawyers in Perth who can help you? To ensure hiring the right professional for your case, don’t forget to ask these 5 questions:

“What Areas Do You Specialise In?”

Hiring a professional attorney who specialises in personal injury law will give you an edge. Different attorneys have specialisations in various areas of the law, which provides them ample knowledge and skills in such areas. Hence, to deal with your personal injury case, always approach a lawyer who is proficient in personal injury law.

“How Long Will it Take for My Case to be Resolved?”

A personal injury claim involves a lot of paperwork and other formalities such as doctor visits for investigations, and similar legal proceedings. Several factors would impact the duration of a trial, hence it is not always possible for an attorney to provide an exact time period. However, they could still provide an estimate depending on their experience in dealing with similar cases in the past.

“Have you Dealt with Similar Cases Before?”

Experience counts. Even if an attorney is specialised in personal injury law, you should also note if they have the right skills and capabilities in bringing about the right outcome for you. This comes with experience. So, check out their past work and the results before hiring them. While it is not always ideal to judge them based on their past performance, you will get an idea as to what you could expect off them.

“How Often Do You go to Trial?”

If a personal injury case goes the trial, attorney should have the necessary skills to represent the case before the judge and jury. This requires thorough preparation and strategy to aggressively negotiate for a fair compensation. Hiring public liability lawyers in Perth who knows to identify the favourable factors that positively impact your case, and how to handle your case if it goes to trial is ideal.

“Do you Offer Free Initial Consultation?”

In order to know about the specific condition of the case and to get a complete understanding of all the facts associated with it, you might want to have a one-on-one conversation with the lawyer. A free initial consultation will give you an opportunity to clear all your queries and to understand if the lawyer is good enough to represent you.

The success of your personal injury claim depends on the proficiency of workers compensation lawyers in Perth. Consider asking these questions before hiring a professional.

The author is one of the renowned workers compensation lawyers in Perth with over 4 years’ experience in personal injury law. He reveals some of the questions a person should ask to discover the right criminal injury lawyer. For more details, visit

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